Is Post afraid of a ghost? We will find out this weekend!

Post Malone will be a special guest on the hit television show Ghost Adventures on Saturday night. The crew will be visiting The Slaughterhouse in Tucson, Arizona.

The story goes that the Slaughterhouse, A.K.A. Farmer John's Meat Packing Plant,   opened up in the 1950's. The owners 2 young children were reported missing while visiting the plant. The factory was shutdown for a week while authorities searched for the missing children.

Police ended up finding human remains in the meat processing room. An arrest warrant was issued for their uncle as police determined that he may have been the primary suspect.

Distraught upon hearing the news that his children were dead, the father hung himself in the boiler room. The children's bodies were never fully recovered.

The episode was shot back in November and took three days to film. According to Nbherard, Bobby Sutton, CEO of Tucson Screamers Inc, said: “We haven’t seen the footage yet, but I can tell you Post Malone was visibly disturbed when he left the investigation.” 

See what they uncover this Saturday at 8:00 PM  on the Travel Channel.

Source: NBHerard

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