The popular Man vs Food television series is getting a reboot and a air date. The first episode aired on December 3, 2008 on the Travel Channel and it showcased actor and food enthusiast Adam Richman traveling across the country trying to tackle the most extreme eating challenges.

This time around the show will have a new host. According to broadcastingcable, restaurant business veteran and actor Casey Webb will serve as host. Travel Channel describes Webb as “the lead man continuing the pursuit of gastronomic glory—and crisscrossing America to uncover tasty treats and tackle the country’s iconic eating challenges.”

The series debuts on Monday August 7, 2017 at 8:00PM.

There will be 10 episodes, as the show visits locations in Chicago; Houston; Billings, Montana; Charleston, South Carolina; Sleepy Hollow, New York; New Orleans; Portland, Oregon; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; and Des Moines, Iowa.


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