Not gonna lie, there are some strange things that happen in a radio station building. Most of it CAN be explained. Most DJ's carry with them their headphones, news prep and a cup of coffee to the studio. Seldomly do we need a proton pack!

Three men have been charged with criminal trespass after they were seen breaking into the Powell Broadcasting building in Sioux City, Iowa on July 31. 23-year old Joshua Garner, 19-year old Jeffery Grillet and 18-year old Chance Packard were seen on the security camera holding a Airsoft and BB guns.

Now the reason why they broke into the radio station building is not to steal CD's, or station gear or even prizes. The reason why they did this is because they wanted to go "on an expedition to find paranormal activity."

According to the Sioux City Journal, SCPD issued a statement saying, "Please use this as a lesson to stay out of other people's property and use common sense when carrying around items that look like firearms. This could easily have been a tragedy." No word if there is ANY paranormal activity in the building.

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