Every year for the November deer hunting season, and this year for the October elk hunt I went on, I will grow out a beard. I don't grow a beard for the sake of beardness. I don't grow one so that I am not in the minority when I stop into Fernson's, but that's a nice benefit. I grow a beard because it's warm on a cold windy day when I'm outside for hours.

Andy Hunting Beard Shave Off 2018

Last year I had fun shaving it off. I even came to work with a handlebar stache. It was kinda lame. My wife tried to get me to keep the first shaving I did this year. She didn't want me to keep it because she likes it, she thinks it's hilarious (or stupid looking) and is fine with me embarrassing myself with it.

I'm not entirely done hunting, though. Since I was unable to get an elk or a buck out west, I'm going to try to cash in my doe tags east and maybe west river. I'm running out of meat!

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