A Sioux Falls man faces aggravated assault charges in connection with an incident with two snow plow drivers outside a business on North Sycamore Avenue on Wednesday.

“Officers got on scene and began their investigation. We found that there were two snow plows at this business. There was a disagreement and altercation between the snowplow drivers and another person that was at this business," explained Sioux Falls Police Sgt. Shaun Olson.

That’s when a gun was displayed.

“The suspect in this case was confronted by the second snow plow driver. That person is saying that he was concerned that the snowplow driver had grabbed something out of his pickup during the altercation that turned out to be a screwdriver. The suspect did pull out a firearm and ordered the plow driver to get down on the ground.”

Olson identified the suspect as 40-year-old Jason James Schmidt.

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