I don't know about you, but I love Trading Spaces. When they announced a reboot last year, I was stoked. All your favorite designers and carpenters are back, plus a few new faces.

Paige Davis is back as the host as well. In case you were wondering, it's on TLC on Saturday nights. I'm not always home on Saturday nights so I DVR it.

So, Sunday morning, I'm drinking my coffee, watching Trading Spaces and I noticed Paige Davis' outfit. She's always super cute, but this time I noticed something else.

She was wearing maroon pants, a gray t-shirt, and a denim jacket and then I thought to myself, "I have that outfit."

I hadn't gotten dressed for the day yet, so I wore that outfit! And, of course, I took a picture for The Gram and tagged Paige Davis in it!


And then...she commented! You guys! Paige Davis thinks I'm cute!

Not to brag, but just about a year ago Danielle Fishel also said I was cute! So it must be true, I'm cute! They're cute! We are all cute!


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