I started getting gray hair in high school. Thanks, Mom!

That title is totally a lie. I have gray hair and I do care. It sucks and its high maintenance. I'm too young to look this old.

Anyway, I used to keep up with coloring my hair by doing it myself, but I realized I wasn't very good at it. I'd miss spots, get more dye on my shirt than on the hair. All kinds of a mess.

Then, I found a lovely hair person, Katlyn. She does a great job, but sometimes her schedule and mine don't work out.

My point is, sometimes my grays start peeking out before I can get them colored and it drives me crazy.

Until now! I found a great product for in between colors: L'Oreal Root Cover Up Spray. I saw Eva Longoria talking about this spray on some talk show a while back and decided to give it a try.


I also learned that Eva and I having something in common: we both got gray hair in high school!

It works so good, I even used it when I met Jesse McCartney. He didn't see one gray on my head.

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