A late-night celebration quickly turned into a deadly affair, last night in Minneapolis. According to Dakota News Now, the shooting happened in the early morning hours on Sunday in the city's Uptown district.  Uptown is about 3 miles from where the major rioting took place in the city, in late May and earlier this month, following the death of George Floyd.

At this time, police in the city are still investigating the matter, but according to numerous reports, the incident happened just after midnight, and one man has died from gunshot wounds.

In a statement from the Minneapolis Police Department Spokesman, John Elder:

"At approximately 12:35 am Minneapolis police received a report of multiple shots being fired on the 2,900 block of Hennepin Avenue. Multiple 911 callers then advised that the shooting was continuing northbound on Hennepin. It went down the block and persons scattered."

Numerous witnesses reported that two groups of people were shooting at each other. No arrests have been made at the time of this post. Motives are unclear at this time.

Of the 11 persons injured in the melee, all are expected to make a full recovery. Police believe more than one shooter was involved in the incident and shells from at least three different weapons were found on the scene.

The city of Minneapolis has been under a microscope in recent weeks, after the death of George Floyd. The protests, which turned to riots, spurred similar events that occurred across the country, and even in other parts of the world. As the city is hoping to calm things down, an incident like this only sparks more fear, in an already tense situation.

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