Following the death of George Floyd last May, the city of Minneapolis has been at the heart of the discussion to defund the police in this nation. Proposed changes were finally announced early this week that will have an effect on the way the city of Minneapolis is policed moving forward.

Dakota News Now is reporting, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey announced what he called a sweeping set of public safety proposals on Monday (May 17) that will help to make the city's neighborhoods safe while holding its police officers accountable.

The proposed changes come on the heels of another particular violent weekend in Minneapolis. According to Dakota News Now, a 9-year-old girl was shot in the head in a north Minneapolis neighborhood this past weekend.

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Dakota News Now reports some of the law enforcement revisions being discussed at this time, include a couple of immediate changes like; prioritizing funding for officers’ overtime so patrols can increase. The city also plans to put an end to traffic stops for low-level offenses.

Even with a number of additional proposed changes in the works, Dakota News Now says officials are still bracing for the possibility of even more political pushback. There remains a faction within the Minneapolis City Council that continues to favor a plan to recreate the city's police department.

The city of Minneapolis has been under a great deal of pressure by members of the public and select city council members to make significant changes to the police department in the wake of George Floyd's death.

Source: Dakota News Now

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