has this really cool thing for visitors called the Penny Pack. Basically, its a passport to beer.

It is free, but you need an out of town address to request one. It's called a Penny Pack because at each brewery you buy one beer and get one for a penny. Get it? Penny Pack!

Once you get the Penny Pack, it looks a lot like a passport. And inside are 12 Omaha breweries. When you get a beer at each brewery they give you a stamp. When you get all 12 stamps, you bring your booklet to the Visitor's Center and you get a free glass!! I love free stuff!!

I requested one of these Penny Packs because I knew I would be visiting my brother in Omaha. Even though my brother lives in Omaha, the Penny Pack had a few breweries in it that he hadn't heard of, so it was a great way to try new beers at new establishments!

Most of the breweries also offered tours of their facilities so you can go behind the curtain. We toured The Lucky Bucket Brewery Company. They also had a distillery on hand. So they make beer, whiskey, rum, and vodka. We got a complimentary beer and a taste of vodka with the tour. And the tour was only $3.

We only made it to four of the twelve breweries while I was there. We enjoyed The Lucky Bucket Brewing Co., Pint Nine, Nebraska Brewing Co., and Kros Strain. But that just means I'll have to go back and visit! I need that free glass!

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