Many different websites do rankings of the best breweries in each state. Well, Thrillist just released their annual list and has named Crow Peak Brewing Company the best in South Dakota. Located in Spearfish, South Dakota offers the finest craft beer in the Black Hills.

The website says: "For the better part of the decade, Crow Peak -- located in the small canyon-adjacent town of Spearfish -- has quietly been making the best-damned beer in SoDak, with its 11th Hour IPA laying the foundation for a program that has slowly expanded to include everything from maibock to the heavy Pile O’ Dirt Porter. Nothing super fancy here, though. Just damn fine beer from a hunting lodge-like brewery hidden away in the flurry of Harleys, Rushmore-bound tourists, and cascading hills."

So the next time you are planning a trip out to the black hills, make a stop at the Crow Peak Brewery and grab yourself the best a tall glass of beer from the best brewery in the state.


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