If you remember back a month or so, I told you about the Omaha Brewery Penny Pack that gets you deals on beer at Omaha breweries. It is buy one beer get one for a penny to be exact.

There are 12 breweries in the pack so it's hard to do all in one shot. When, I went back to Omaha we set out to do the eight remaining breweries, but we only made it to seven. Some day I will get the grand prize glass from the visitor's center.

Anyway, in one day we hit up Vis Major, Upstream, Scriptown, Infusion, Farnam House, Brickway, and Benson brewery. We also went to Beercade because it was near Benson. And because video games and beer are fun, but it wasn't technically part of the penny pack.

I really liked the vibe and feel of Brickway. Brickway is located near the Old Market and had fun shops all around to check out.

I also liked the decor and ambiance at Benson Brewery and they had really good food too! That is located in the Benson neighborhood.

Scriptown was also a cool place. The bartenders there were nice and it was across the street from a very popular ice cream shop. I wanted to try it, but I was too impatient for the line. Scriptown is located in the Black Stone District.

My least favorite was probably Farnam House. It was a very nice place, but it was just so quiet and seemed a little snobby. The other places were a little more laid back.

Vis Major was a fun atmosphere and a lot of the furniture and decor was from an old church. But a few of the other breweries were in fun neighborhoods near lots of other shops and restaurants whereas Vis Major was not.

The last brewery on the list was Soaring Wings Winery in Springfield. We didn't have time to make it there because it's a little off the beaten path. Someday I'll get all 12 stamps and get that coveted glass!

I don't really have a favorite kind of beer so I tried a little bit of everything, as you can see in the pictures below.

P.S. In case you were wondering, I did not drive this whole day!

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