This contest at Oh My Cupcakes! is a combination of loves for me.

I've always loved cupcakes. Let's be honest how can you not love cupcakes. I also enjoy ideas and creativity in action, and this contest has both of them on full display.


Directly from their website here are the details of the contest:

Have you ever thought, “I have the BEST cupcake idea out there!” or “I wonder if the Ninjas ever tried . . . .”? This is your time to shine! You could create the next work of art that comes from the Magical Cupcake Kitchen! You’ll win bragging rights, you’ll get to name it, and two dozen of your very own delicious creation will be all yours. (Share only if you wish.) Enter as many ideas as you have floating around in your creative little brain!

I really like that you can see the ideas of ingredients, and clever names people have already entered.


Visit the Oh My Cupcakes! website for details on how to enter and to see what people have already done.

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