Are we drinking too much tequila? Apparently so. Our obsession with the fiery tipple paired with a juicy worm is taking a toll on the global tequila market and experts are warning of an inevitable shortage.

Here's why in a nutshell - according to Reuters: Fine tequila is made from agave plants that are at least 7 - 8 years old. Producers are selling tequila at a faster rate than the maturing of the plant requires. In turn, it takes more young agave plants to make a batch of tequila creating a supply problem.

In fact, Mexico needs around 42 million agave plants for a yearly harvest, they have 17.7 on hand in 2018. Ouch. Furthermore, this could go on until 2021.

Boozy sites such as Vinepair suggest finding an alternative drink for the time being giving the plants a chance to grow.

For me, it's like an investment portfolio. You need to diversify your liquor cabinet with a a fine line of Kentucky bourbons, Irish whiskeys, IPA's, and a vodka or two. Don't forget the red wines and a chilled moscato.

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