In one of the best decisions the NFL could make surrounding the future of the Pro Bowl has been made as they will be moving it from Hawaii to Orlando.

According to reports, it has not been announced when the Pro Bowl will make the move, but the same reports say measures have been taken to possibly make the move happen as early as next year.

When the switch is made to Orlando, the game will be played at the Citrus Bowl which recently had a $200 million dollar renovation in 2014.

I have attended the two Pro Bowls that have been played state side recently in Miami and Phoenix and the attendance was great, the ticket sales were great on the secondary market and the interest seemed to be more than it is when played in Hawaii.

Both of those games were played the week before the Super Bowl at the stadium where the Super Bowl would eventually be played.

Regardless if the game is played at the site of the Super Bowl or at another location within the continental United States, the decision to move it from Hawaii is clearly the right decision.

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