How would you feel about taking your dog out for drinks? Maybe a Puppy Pina Colada? Soon you may have just that option in Harrisburg.

Smoken Dakota Kennels in Harrisburg, South Dakota has broken ground on their brand new indoor splash dog park and tiki bar.

The indoor dog park is expected to open in November. Some of the fun things that will be enjoyed by the pets include Mist Hoops, Arc Sprays, Palm Trees, and a Beach Ball Sprinkler.

KSFY TV is reporting that Teri Jo Olean, one of the owners of The Resort by Smoken Dakota Kennels, said it will be similar to an off-leash dog park, but the dogs will have additional amenities. She said she's been looking forward to this groundbreaking since they announced they were going to build this indoor park three months ago. It's because it's something unique for dogs and their owners.

"Having a place that they can chillax under a palm tree with their dogs and it's year round," Olean said. "So it's something the dogs and their humans can enjoy with their friends, canine and human."

The new indoor park will connect to the existing facility in Harrisburg, which already has doggie daycare and boarding. Olean said owners will be able to package the cost of the indoor park with their pet's daycare or boarding. There will also be a membership option available that will work similar to a gym membership. More information on that is expected in September or October.

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