Pursuit of Happiness is a great movie with Will Smith and it's also a national holiday to throw on the calendar.

For some people happiness seems to come easily and for others it seems to be a trudging pursuit.

November 8th through the 14th is National Pursuit of Happiness Week.

A happiness game changer for me came about years ago when some wise people asked me about the stories I tell myself in my head all day long.

I became obsessed with figuring out how to change the repetitive stories that seemed to create all kinds of unhappiness.

After hopping on google and asking the question how to be happy? I stumbled across a site called Pathway to Happiness.

I started listening to the Gary van Warmerdam's audio messages for years, and then went to one of his workshops retreats in Zion Park, Utah.

I learned taking time to think about our thinking, and to challenge and change some of my beliefs could change the world inside me and around me.

As Gary used to say to me when we where wrapping up a phone session: "Happy Hunting"!

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