Ok, for season three of The Masked Singer they are introducing us to the competitors in groups and working for those groups down one at a time.

Left standing in Group A is White Tiger, Turtle, and Kangaroo. My predictions for that group are here. Although, since I wrote that, I think Kangaroo might be Naya Rivera from Glee or maybe Khloe Kardashian.

As for Group B, Kitty, Frog, and Banana are left. My predictions for that group are here.  Since I wrote those predictions, I kind of think Kitty could be country singer, Jessica Andrews. Remember her? I'm pretty sure Frog is Bow Wow. I thought Terrence J at first, but the clues make more sense for Bow Wow. Still think Banana is Bret Michaels though.

Now, to Group C. I must say, this is the toughest group yet. I am stumped on a lot of these singers.

Night Angel- No idea. I liked Robin's guess of Taylor Dayne, but not 100%

Bear- Before the clue package, Bear's height made me think maybe Sarah Silverman, but then the clues mentioned politics so I thought maybe Ann Coulter. But then it mentioned kids, so I have no idea.

Astronaut- Pretty sure it's Hunter Hayes. That's the only one I feel confident about.

T Rex- Maybe someone from The Bachelor universe. She mentioned being one of many and needed to stand out to survive. She also mentioned dancing, so maybe someone from So You Think You Can Dance, which is also a Fox show. Or, maybe someone from The Bachelor that was also on Dancing With the Stars? I don't know. I don't watch The Bachelor so I don't have any specific name in mind.

Rhino- Initially, just due to the height I thought Trace Adkins or Toby Keith, but the voice didn't really match. Definitely someone country though.

Swan- Nicole Scherzinger guessed Jennifer Love Hewitt, which makes sense with the clues but Jennifer Love did try a singing career for a while and that voice doesn't sound right. The clue package did have a lot of horror movie type references so maybe Sarah Michelle Gellar or Neve Campbell?

In the end, Bear got the least amount of votes and was revealed. It was SARAH FRICKIN PALIN!!! Never in a million bajillion years would I have guessed that. She rapped "Baby Got Back" for Pete's sake!


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