The Masked Singer is back! It got the highly coveted post-Super Bowl slot and I stayed up late to watch it.

And I am just as stumped as ever. So, let's get down to business.

White Tiger - My initial guess, without really knowing much about this guy, was Rob Gronkowski. One of the judges also thought it might be him.

Turtle - The voice was so familiar to me and then halfway through his song, it hit me like a ton of bricks. Jesse McCartney. I would bet money.

Llama - Without hearing him sing, but seeing the radio clues in the package I thought Ryan Seacrest. But American Idol isn't on Fox anymore and then the singing voice didn't sound like him at all. The voice was very familiar though. I cheated a little and looked at some YouTube comments and the internet seems to think it's Drew Carey and now so do I.

Miss Monster - Again, this voice was so familiar it was painful that a name didn't come to mind right away. One of the judges guessed Mary J. Blige and that seemed like a solid guess. However, again, I cheated and looked online, some other valid guesses are Chaka Khan or Tina Turner.

Robot - At first, I was stumped and then, it clicked. It is most definitely Lil Wayne. The skateboard in the clue package seemed to throw some people off, but I've seen Wayne in concert a couple of times and skateboarding is always involved! Plus, that Gremlin/nasal voice has to be him.

Kangaroo- I literally have no idea. Hopefully, some clues in the coming weeks will help me out!

In the end, Robot got the least amount of votes and I was proven right. And just to prove it to you, here is my tweet from moments before he was unmasked.







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