I met Jesse McCartney last year and now he has a song called "Better With You." So, I'm not saying the song is about me, but it could be. I mean he did meet me and now he feels better off. Obviously.

Anyway, Jesse McCartney is back! His new single is called. "Better With You."

It's super catchy and dare I say, it's a bop!

Plus, the music video is super cute! It shows one world where he's single and going about his business and then another world where he's with his significant other and they're just having so much fun cooking together and hanging out and laughing.

But wait for it, the end takes a turn!

He's putting his Summerland acting chops to good use. Remember Summerland? Zac Efron was on that show too! Whoa!

Man, he's come a long way since Dream Street, am I right? Remember Dream Street? No? Just me. Well anyway, Jesse has definitely grown up and I for one am all for a comeback!

And just because I can, here is me and Jesse McCartney!



Augie UBG (Used with Permission)
Augie UBG (Used with Permission)

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