Jesse McCartney has a show at The District this Sunday, May 7th, but I've seen Jesse in concert before way back in 2005. I can't believe it's been 12 years.

It was the Summer after my freshmen year in college. Jesse came to my attention when his song, "Beautiful Soul," was released the year prior.

I heard tickets were going on sale for his show and I just had to have them. I had a decent Summer job that year, so I actually had the money to buy tickets. Then my friend April and I had the crazy idea to get in line overnight for tickets. Yes, in 2005, even though there was internet, people still waited in lines at the box office for tickets.

There were two reasons I thought it would be fun to camp out overnight. 1. I could say I had camped out for tickets. 2. Jesse McCartney fans are pretty safe to spend an evening with. That's right we were not the only ones waiting in line. But at the ripe age of 19, we were the oldest people in line besides parents. I was shocked parents waited in line overnight with their kids. My parents never would have done that. It was actually a pretty fun night. We may or may not have jumped in the fountain in front of The Tyson Event Center. Maybe.

Anyway, our camp out paid off and we got 2nd row tickets!!!

Then we had to wait a couple months for the show. I was so pumped. I purchased 3 or 4 disposable cameras because I was gonna get awesome concert pics! I mean I was in the 2nd row!

Then we get to the show and signs were everywhere that there wouldn't be any cameras allowed. What the heck? Plus, even though being second row was awesome, I couldn't even sneak pics because security was literally right in front of me. And they were taking the 'no cameras' thing very seriously.

But, I mean I was second row, so when Jesse announced that the following song would be the last, I had to try to snap a couple pics. So I got 2 pics where you can't see his face, and one where you sort of see up his nose, but you see his back up dancer really well.

Oh, the memories!

Anyway, I can't wait for night #2 with Jesse McCartney!

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