My Final Straw finally showed up!!!

So, here's the deal, I have sensitive teeth and love straws. If there is ice in a drink, I need a straw. I try to do what I can to be kind to the Earth. I have an ECO-friendly car, I recycle, but I love straws! Single-use straws are not recyclable and end up where they shouldn't be, like hurting turtles! I was on a mission to do better!

Way back in August, I ordered a reusable straw with carrying case from Final Straw. I found them on Kickstarter and they had a really cute video that convinced me to buy a straw!

Mermaids and turtles! I had to buy one. I opted for the color cleverly titled, Sea Tur-Teal. Get it?

The straw comes with a carrying case, a squeegee for cleaning, and a drying rack. The straw is dishwasher safe.

The straw pops out of its case and becomes a straw almost like magic! It kind of looks like one of those collapsible magic wands! The kind of magic wand that helps save the planet!

I took my sexy straw out last weekend and it's handy carrying case really did make it super easy to bring everywhere!

Yup, I'm gonna be that person when out and about.

Remember to #SuckResponsibly.


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