I freak out when I watch the Vikings in a big game. I yell. I pump my fist. I cuss, but hold it back with my kids around.

I was down in the dumps watching the end of the Vikings and Saints Divisional playoff game. And then the miracle happened.

My daughter was running around with her phone occasionally recording me, hoping for something silly. She got what she was looking for. My kids thought it was hilarious.

This is embarrassing. I'm only posting this for clicks and views for work. My gut hangs out. I am spazzing like a freak. I smacked a toy farm implement across the room. I apparently back flipped at one point and don't remember. Had I known I was going to put it on Youtube I would have changed out of my gym clothes.

This freak out was 30-plus years of heart crushing relief coming out at once. I'm very happy.

And I love you, Mr. Diggs!

Jamie Squire/Getty Images
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

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