Do you remember a couple months ago I posted about my Elementary School art teacher, Mr. B? Well, if you do, great. If you don't, get refreshed here. 

Well, anyway, Mr. B. saw that post and then sent me an e-mail and guess what? He had some of my artwork from Elementary School! He wrote, "You made my day and I busted a gut laughing about the paper cutter----you described my routine perfectly.  I always liked to lull the kids with a calm, relaxing voice and then....well, you know what came next.  :) You wrote that I probably don't have any of your artwork.  Here is where you have to help me out.  You are not the only Natasha I have had through these 40 years, and faces change somewhat (or a lot) from the time I last taught my elementary students.  If you can give me your whole name and the year you graduated, I could look for your "first-day-of-art" drawings that I have had my students do each year."

I sent him the info and the drawings I got back certainly gave me a chuckle! And Mr. B, being the consummate Art teacher made sure to give me some feedback on my art. Here is his expert opinion on my drawings, "Now, getting back to your artwork, Natasha. Your drawings seemed to improve each year, although I think in 3rd and 4th grade I might have been running late with the "first day of school" rules and procedures (had to make time for the paper cutter demo, of course), and I probably didn't leave you enough time to draw and you felt rushed to complete it.  That 3rd grade drawing was really good, other than no time for facial details. Take care, and thanks again for your thoughtful article."

I mean besides no facial features it was great! Maybe that's what I was going for. It was my artistic license.

Anyway, I had mentioned before that past students were organizing a few things for him. Since we last checked in Mr. B was given a fun trophy that commemorates his paper cutter demonstration at a special assembly and a few past students even stopped by!

Thanks so much Mr. B! Enjoy retirement!

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