UPDATE: I found one more! Pic in the gallery below!

Back in June, I was in Canton, and I happened upon a new mural. It was really cool and that got me thinking, "I know of a few murals in Sioux Falls, but I bet there's more than I realize." So, I put it out on my social media. People of Sioux Falls, tell me where all the murals are. And people did.

A few of them I had never seen or never even been to that part of town and a few of them, I drive by all the time and never noticed!

I know a few businesses have murals inside their establishments, but I decided to keep it to murals that are totally open for the public to see. No need to be 21!

Real quick, funny story. So, I'm driving around town looking for murals and taking pictures. I pull up to Northview Bait and Tackle and get out of my car to take some pictures. I wasn't even sure if the place was open. Then a guy comes outside and is writing on a pad of paper. I think that he thinks I'm a weirdo and is writing down my license plate or something. But then again, I'm like, you don't cover your business in a mural so that people don't take pictures of it, right? But then he says, "Oh Miss." And I think to myself, "Oh, shoot. I'm in trouble." Then he just says, "I wrote down the artists' names so if you post it on Facebook or something they can get credit." A wave of relief washes over me and I just say, "Thanks!"

So, here we go! Let's check out some Sioux Falls murals.

Did I miss one? Let me know!

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