I told you earlier about filmmaker, Becca Flinn, coming home to make a movie loosely based on her mom's true story.

Well, now I can tell you about how much fun it was to be an extra in that movie. I mean, I can now say that I was really an extra in a real life movie. I mean there were cameras and lights and even that slappy marker thing before each take and people really do yell "Action!" and "Cut!"

The whole process started off with a fitting a week before the shoot. I had to find just the right Hutterite attire.

Then we were informed of our call time. I was to be to set by 1 PM. I was nervous I would be late so I was early. Silly me. Then there was a lot of waiting. Hurry up and wait! All of the extras had to get in costume and get their hair and make up done.

Once everyone was dressed, we were taken to set, which was a farm near Hurley, SD. Once on set we were given instruction about where each of us would be in the scene. Once everyone was positioned it was time to make the magic happen!

The scene was basically a sweeping shot of the doings on a Hutterite colony. So everyone was doing some kind of chore or minding children. There was even a horse in the scene. Isn't there a saying about not working with kids or animals. Well, we had both!

I got the distinct honor of being a cucumber lady.

Then after we shot the scene a few times, we were done. We finally got to get out of our outfits and back to reality.

Now, it is just a matter of time before Hollywood comes calling. I mean, I was a very convincing cucumber lady.

I'll keep you posted about when and where you can see Hutterite The Movie.


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