Last Summer I had the opportunity to be an extra in a short film called Hutterite. 

Becca White wrote and directed this movie about her mother's real life story of leaving a Hutterite colony in the 70s.

Hutterite has been screened a couple times in the area, but I wasn't able to attend those showings, but finally I got to see the finished product.

I had been talking about being in this movie for a year and I wasn't even sure if my scenes were included, so I was excited to finally see it!

There was a screening of Hutterite at Harrisburg High School with a  free will donation benefiting Children's Home Society.

The movie is about 25 minutes long and then there was a question and answer portion with Becca. Her mother was also there to answer questions about her real life ordeal.

Then following the screening there was an after party for everyone who had been involved with the movie. It was a bit of a reunion for the extras!

In case you were wondering, I am in two scenes in the movie! I'M FAMOUS! And I even made the credits at the end! I better start my IMDB page!

It was really cool to see the finished product. Obviously, I knew what went into each shot so to finally see it come together was cool. Plus, knowing we were all hiding iPhones in our Hutterite costumes was funny.

Not only was it fun to see the movie and reunite with some fun people I met on set, but also the event raised over $700 for Children's Home Society! Sweet!

Becca hopes to get funding to make a feature length and continue the story. I'm in! Should I ask for a trailer for the sequel?


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