Would it make you feel any better to say that Sioux Falls was due for some April snow this year? Didn’t think so, but it usually happens that way.

A record 5.3 inches of snow fell in Sioux Falls on April 3 which according to the National Weather Service supersedes the previous mark of 3.3 inches in 1974. Going back over the last ten years, eight of those years Sioux Falls has received some kind of snowfall after March 31.

In April, Sioux Falls usually averages about 4.6 inches of snow for the month. Plus it’s been since April 2014 that we’ve been close to reaching that mark. If you also remember the April 2013 ice storm we’ve had quite a rest from a heavy April snow.

Here are totals from the last 10 winters of recorded snow courtesy of the National Weather Service in inches.

2018: 5.9 (and counting)
2017: 1.3 (April 30 plus a little more on May 1)
2016: Trace
2015: Trace
2014: 3.4
2013: 14.8
2012: None
2011: .9
2010: None
2009: 6.6

Only two words should really strike fear into the hearts of Sioux Falls residents in that summary: AND COUNTING. There is potential for more snow to arrive this weekend.

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