Aw Beanie Babies. The cute little stuffed animals that have little plastic beads in the bottoms of them.

And if you didn't have some laying around when you were a kid then your mom, aunt or grandma certainly did and probably tubs of them!

But did you know that Mount Rushmore is actually featured on the backing card of a rare Spangle the Bear International Bears Beanie Baby?

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The interesting thing about this bear is that he ranges anywhere in the price range of $2.00 all the way up to $3,500.

That's crazy! Although it is also stated that an average sale for one Spangle bear sells for $21.24, so go figure.

He was also originally included with Kid's meals at McDonald's at one point back in the year 2000, so perhaps he will also only go up in price?

The original place I saw the bear pictured above on eBay had Spangle listed with two other International Bears: Germania and Osito for $6,000 HERE.

But a similar offer for all three of the same bears listed HERE for $9.97 excluding shipping so again go figure.

There were also a few Spangle bears that have a blue-colored face instead of the typical white face that go for even more money but is a bigger size than the bear pictured above.

This blue-faced bear which doesn't have the Mt. Rushmore backing card still has an asking price that ranges widely from $7.56 all the way up to $246.

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