Anyone that has recently moved, or is in the process of moving, knows these two things with the utmost certainty. The housing market is tight and extremely competitive, and lining up a moving company right now is just about as difficult as finding a home to buy.

If finding a home and then navigating the bidding war that comes along with the house you hope to purchase wasn't a difficult enough task, try lining up a moving company to help you with your move these days. That job is quickly becoming a challenging one as well.

The Sioux Falls housing market is booming, and so is the moving business along with it.

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Dakota News Now is reporting local moving companies like Two Men and a Truck and Movin’ On Out are loaded with business these days.

The General Manager for Two Men and a Truck, Angela Drake told Dakota News Now, “Even through the pandemic we didn’t slow down, we got busier actually during the pandemic. You know without friends and family being able to come and help move...And even now, even busier as housing is getting sold faster and faster."

Affordably priced homes here in the Sioux Falls market continue to sell like hotcakes, literally remaining on the market for just hours. In some cases, houses end up selling before a sign can even make it to the yard.

For instance, I put my home up for sale almost four years ago, and it lasted on the market for just over 5-hours before it was sold. These days, that time frame would be considered slow.

So, unless you have a few strong, generous buddies that you can bribe with a couple of cases of beer to help move all your stuff, you will probably soon discover trying to find a moving company in this housing climate is becoming as difficult as locating 9mm ammunition if you're a gun enthusiast.

According to John Bowman, Manager of Movin’ On Out, 2020 was the busiest year for the company in 21 years, and this year looks to be even busier.

Bowman told Dakota News Now, lots of people are relocating to Sioux Falls at this time. People are moving here from California, Minneapolis, from different places all over the country.

Sioux Falls is becoming a desirable landing spot for those people choosing to get away from all the craziness going on in larger cities.

To keep up with the increased business, both moving companies have needed to hire more manpower as they attempt to handle multiple moves each day.

Two Men and a Truck actually needed to pick up a few rental trucks to keep up with the high demand going on at the moment.

What kind of advice do these local moving companies have, if you plan on moving anytime soon? Two words. Plan ahead!

To help keep your stress level low, they recommend scheduling your upcoming move at least two months prior to your actual moving date.

As soon as you know your closing date, pick up the phone and line up a moving company.

Source: Dakota News Now

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