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Whether it was caused by the pandemic, many people packed up and moved to a new location in 2021 and 2022. But did more people move to, or away, from Minnesota?

There is no doubt that people were on the move over the past two years. The working-from-home phenomenon along with the 'great resignation' that were both spurred by the pandemic in 2020 played major factors in motivating many citizens to find a different place to live last year.

That's the word from the 4th Annual Migration Report by moving site, Hire A, which found that as many as 26.4 million people in the U.S. moved to a new location in 2021. There just weren't moving here to Minnesota, apparently.

Check it out: The survey found that the Land of 10,000 Lakes, despite our being noted as a great place to live (like, say, down in the state's third-largest city, Rochester, which was recently ranked as one of the Best Cities in America to Live), more people moved AWAY from Minnesota than moved here.

In fact, Minnesota ranked 6th in the nation on the list of states losing residents with a net loss of 40 percent. (Which means more people moved OUT of the Land of 10,000 Lakes than IN, over the past year.)

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New Jersey (-54%) and California (-49%) topped the list of states that had the highest ratio of people leaving versus moving in, followed by West Virginia, Illinois and Maryland and then Minnesota. My home state of Wisconsin was ranked 24th on the list.

So which states were people moving TO? The survey found that Arkansas (+43.8) had the best ratio of people moving in versus leaving, followed by South Carolina, Maine, Delaware, and Idaho.

Speaking of moving, one of those residents of Minnesota who moved out of the state over the past two years was former Vikings general manager, Rick Spielman. He put his house in Eden Prairie on the market back in January of last year after the team let him go. It was a pretty nice place, though. Keep scrolling to check out the pics!

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