When people move out of state it can be for many reasons, a new job, a change of scenery or a fresh start. This can be a bit challenging as well as exciting but what state do most South Dakotans move to, if they do in fact, choose to move?

According to data analyst, Robert Chase, he used census data from 2015 and created an interactive map of the U.S. that lists destinations for people leaving their states and the top 5 states South Dakotans most likely move to are:

  1. Minnesota - An estimated 4,016 to 6,708 have moved to Minnesota in 2015.
  2. North Dakota - Between 1,441 to 3,159 have moved to North Dakota in 2015.
  3. Nebraska - An estimated 1,104 to 3,130 have moved to Nebraska in 2015.
  4. North Carolina - Between 495 to 2,965 have moved to North Carolina in 2015.
  5. Arizona - An estimated 873 to 2,291 have moved to Arizona in 2015.

North Carolina? Seems kindof odd to me. You can see the entire interactive map HERE.

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