Another reminder about how financially responsible we are in South Dakota compared to a lot of other places in the country.

24/7 Wall St looked at the most recent home ownership numbers from property data provider ATTTOM and found that in the Mount Rushmore State we make good on our commitments and honor our deals.

Despite home foreclosures nationwide hitting a post-COVID high in the first quarter of 2022, it's barely a blip on the radar screen in South Dakota.

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According to the numbers, we have the lowest foreclosure rate in the country and it isn't even close.

South Dakota's rate of 5.6 foreclosed homes per 100,000 homes is well ahead of the next closest state - Vermont (7.2).

In fact, our foreclosure numbers are actually going down - more than eight percent in the past year. That only happened in two other states (North Dakota and Alaska).

Not surprisingly, less populated states with more affordable housing options dominated the list of lowest foreclosure rates.


  1. South Dakota: 5.6
  2. Vermont: 7.2
  3. West Virginia: 9.2
  4. North Dakota: 9.4
  5. Oregon: 13.2
  6. Montana: 15.0
  7. Alaska: 16.4
  8. Idaho: 16.6
  9. Washington: 20.1
  10. Kentucky: 20.9

And while South Dakota was one of only four states with fewer than ten foreclosures per 100,000 homes, a trio of states topped triple digits in foreclosure rates.


  1. Illinois: 126.4
  2. New Jersey: 126.3
  3. Ohio: 100.9
  4. South Carolina: 92.5
  5. Nevada: 91.7
  6. Delaware: 86.0
  7. Indiana: 82.6
  8. Florida: 82.6
  9. Michigan: 70.1
  10. Georgia: 58.8

Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles, Houston, and Philadelphia had the greatest number of foreclosure filings.

For cities with populations under 200,000, the highest foreclosure rates took place in Cleveland, Ohio; Atlantic City, New Jersey; Jacksonville, North Carolina; Rockford, Illinois; and Columbia, South Carolina.

Across the country, foreclosure filings hit a post-pandemic high in the first quarter of 2022, at 78,271, up 39% from the previous quarter and 132% from the same period last year.

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