A 68-year old man from Forest Lake, Minnesota just received the gift of a lifetime! He was finally able to see his wife and some of his grandchildren for the first time in a decade with the help of a bionic eye implant.

Allen Zderad career as a chemist ended 20 years ago when his sight began to fail as a result of a disease called retinitis pigmentosa. Dr. Raymond Iezzi, a Mayo Clinic retinal surgeon and clinical ophthalmologist, chose Allen to be the first Minnesotan to receive the bionic eye, known as the "Second Sight Argus II" retinal prosthesis system.

After  three hours of surgery and, two weeks later, he can now see with the artificial vision. Although he still can't see the details of people's faces, he can make out forms and shapes. As for trying to find his wife he says that its easy. "She's the most beautiful one in the room."

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