A woman from Sturgis, South Dakota is making news across the country recently. Dannette Glitz was rushed to the hospital for what she thought was kidney stones and ended up giving birth to triplets.

According to Mirror, she had no idea she was pregnant as she did not feel any movement and did not experience any morning sickness. As it turns out, she was 34-weeks pregnant. Dannette said in a Facebook post: "I started getting pains in my back and in my side felt like kidney stones cuz I've had them once before ...so i just kept pushing on tell Saturday I was in so much pain all I could do was lay in bed and cry it hurt to move and even breath....so went to urgent care thinking I'm going to have to have surgery to break the stones up... well dr comes back in after doing a urine sample and said ur pregnant."

Each infant was born within four minutes of each other and each weighed around four pounds, two girls and a boy and named them Blaze, Gypsy, and Nikki. Family and friends have set up a fundraising page to help the couple buy supplies for the babies. So far they have raised over $1,600.

Source: Mirror

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