I would hate to read the mayor's mail. After all the junk mail and bills come the complaints. Here's one I wouldn't have seen coming.

Mayor Paul TenHaken got a very cute letter from a third-grader from Harvey Dunn Elementary School. It asks if the date for Halloween can be changed to the last Friday in October. His reasons?

"All of the kids can eat a lot of candy, and we can have more sleeping time.

We can stay up for like 5 hours longer, and we can play games.

So we can have more sleeeeeeep, and not have to get up early for school."


I would say this: "Yes."

Although the one bad thing about it is that's when the drunks are out, most of whom catch a ride from a Lyft or other sober driver. But some don't.

But next year Halloween is on a Saturday so he will for sure get his wish for one year.

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