It was two against four, but the two were better equipped until police arrived which meant a quick getaway was necessary.

Sioux Falls Police Public Information Officer Sam Clemens says it happened 1:20 AM Monday in the 700 block of West 13th Street when a neighbor heard what sounded like a fight in an adjacent apartment.

“When officers arrived, four people were in the apartment. Two suspects had forced their way inside. Either one or both had guns. One of the victims was struck in the head with that gun. It sounds like the suspects were looking for some cash.”

During the heist, a barricade was placed against the apartment door and Clemens indicates that the suspects used a less conventional way to escape.

“The suspects jumped out a window and officers weren’t able to find anybody. There seems to be some tie-in with drugs. We’re just not exactly sure what that link is.”

Additionally, the victims, in this case, seem to be giving conflicting stories to make it more difficult to determine what actually happened. The suspects described as men wearing black hoodies and masks are still being sought.

The person who was assaulted during the robbery was cut near the left eye and was treated at a Sioux Falls hospital.


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