Man Crush Monday (MCM) is dedicated to Imagine Dragons frontman, Dan Reynolds.

I was 'aware' of Dan Reynolds before I saw Imagine Dragons perform live, but now I'm invested in Dan Reynolds after seeing Imagine Dragons perform live.

The guy is ripped! Plus, he is a great performer live! His vocals were on point.

But let's get to the serious stuff. He has way too many muscles! Like how?!

I started following him on the Gram and he is even aware of how hot he is, but in a super cute way. Apparently, he has been battling an auto immune disease and has finally found the right balance of diet and exercise to make him look like a demigod.



Also, because I'm a creeper, I came home after the concert and googled him. His birthday is July 14th! Happy Early Birthday, Boo! He is also recently divorced. If you need a shoulder to cry on, I'm here for you! He has three kids. He helped discover/sign X Ambassadors. He started the LOVELOUD Festival for LGBTQ youth in Utah. He is a Mormon. He was a missionary in Nebraska.
That is all for now. Happy Man Crush Monday!

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