Imagine Dragons delivered at the Denny! Confetti cannons, giant balloons, powerful pyro, smoke, music that shook your nostrils and a message on depression aimed specifically at kids that shook the soul.

I was a procrastinator this time around when it came to getting tickets to a band I really like.

I figured I would chalk it up as a we will see them some other time. Thankfully a friend asked me and my daughter if we would like to go, and now we can't wait to see them again some time.

There are some artists you enjoy their show, but that's about it, nothing to replay in your mind, or write home about.

When I am at a show I usually try as much as possible to stay in the moment, stay off my phone, and be present in the performance.

Last night Imagine Dragon show I couldn't help, but want to document the awesomeness, and I felt I needed to share some of the words of Dragons lead singer Dan Reynolds had for the youth.

The fact that their performance was just as good, and at times even better than the album, makes this group a concert must.

You can tell the Dragons understand the responsibility of the art they share, and have a legitimate love for their fans.

Here is what I captured right before their song Demons, Reynolds shared some powerful, personal words with the crowd aimed at the youth:

We must speak openingly and directly about depression, and anxiety. I was diagnosed with depression many years ago, I have a therapist and it's nothing to be ashamed of, it does not make me weak, it does not make me broken, it doesn't hold me back from doing things that I love. If you think that your suffering from this don't hold it in, talk to your parents, talk to your friends, if it's available to you see a therapist. It makes you incredibly wise, incredibly strong. You are not broken, you are not broken, I understand the numbness, life gets better I promise, there is light up ahead, continue, continue, continue, your life is always worth living, always, always, always, never take it from us, never, never, never, never, never!

These types of people make you love them even more after a show. Thanks for the music and the love you share Dragons!

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