I'm on a little bit of an Imagine Dragons high right now thanks to their awesome concert at the Den San Prem Cen so when I was thinking about which songs to include in this blog post, they were first to come to mind!

"Born To Be Yours" is the band's collaboration with Kygo and I love it so much. It still sounds very much Imagine Dragons with just a splash of some EDM. Plus, Dan Reynolds is a really good whistler live, so there's that.

And here is a picture of Dan Reynolds without a shirt because why not?

Laura Woitte-Currier via Facebook
Laura Woitte-Currier via Facebook

Next on my list of songs I'm in love with right now, "Broken" by lovelytheband. I am such a sucker for a song with sad lyrics but an uptempo beat. And I didn't misspell the band's name that's just how they like it, I guess. It's artsy, OK!

lovelytheband is a trio out of California made up of Mitchy Collins, Jordan Greenwald, and Sam Price.

Lasty, but certainly not least, is the new bop from Jason Mraz. I've always loved Jason Mraz. He's the King of feel good music with positive vibes! This song is called "Have It All" and I dare you to be in a bad mood after listening to it! And the video! It's so cute and heart warming!

On a sidenote: Jason's backing band, Raining Jane, played Morningside College when I went there and I kind of hung out with them and had a beer at a local bar with them and so I'm basically best friends with them (and Jason Mraz even though we never met).

What songs are you in love with right now?

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