Anytime we have the opportunity to insert some love back into the world I think everyone feels a little better about the space we live in.

A great way to start any day is looking for opportunities to give back and include our kids in this.

It's the age old sage advice throughout history, that in order to get out of a funk you must first get out of yourself.

Who would have guessed that some of the most effective ways to help yourself is by helping someone else.

For whatever reason helping people works.

I was told once that the good feeling from helping people comes because every time you share love you receive love.

Halloween is traditionally one of those holidays centered around how much you can receive.

It might be a cool twist on an old tradition, to start the night by giving back and then get to the getting.

The St. Francis House in Sioux Falls is one of many places doing good things for people in the community.

Moving People From Homelessness to Hope

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