The saga between Little Mix, Cardi B and Nicki Minaj continues.

After Cardi insisted in an Instagram rant on Monday (October 29) that Little Mix had offered her a verse on their single "Woman Like Me" before Minaj, who features on the song, both the girl group and the "Chun-Li" rapper squashed the claim.

Now, however, the truth surrounding who was supposed to feature on "Woman Like Me" — and who, exactly, was offered the guest spot first — has become even more complicated, with a source telling TMZ that Cardi was definitely offered the song... but only because Minaj was dragging her feet after signing on.

TMZ claims that while Minaj was Little Mix's first choice, she took too long to lay down her verse for "Woman Like Me," which made the band's music label, Syco Records, nervous.

Sources "connected to the group" told the tabloid that the pop troupe did reach out to Minaj first, but after she stalled in submitting her rap verse, Cardi became "Plan B."

"Little Mix had also expressed interest in working with her since she was the hottest female rapper in the game. We're told LM's record label was breathing down their necks to meet the deadline, so they hit up Cardi's camp with the request," TMZ reports.

While the absolute truth surrounding "Woman Like Me" is still a bit fuzzy, it would make sense that Little Mix's team might court two highly successful rappers for the (at the time) potential guest feature, especially if one was getting hung up on re-writes.

In any event, we're happy Little Mix and Minaj were finally able to team up after years of trying to work together.

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