We asked our Facebook fans on the evening of the first freeze of the fall season, "what is your favorite cold weather beverage?" Apparently, most South Dakotans need a little extra help staying warm. The latest results in the poll are:

  1. Cinnamon Schnapp's
  2. Apple Cider (w/ cinnamon Schnapp's)
  3. Coffee with Bailey's Irish Cream
  4. Fireball whiskey
  5. Hot chocolate
  6. Mt. Dew
  7. Coffee with Cask & Cream
  8. Apple Cider (w/ cinnamon Schnapp's)
  9. Coffee
  10. Apple Pie booze
  11. Whiskey
  12. Latte

Find your favorite pajama pants, grab a drink, and throw a another log on the fire. And as I always say, snuggle up with a good book - or someone's who has read one.

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