If you live in Lincoln County you will want to learn how the future will look for you when commuting by car, bike or even walking.

A public open house will be held July 8 in the Commons of Harrisburg Liberty Elementary School. The purpose of the meeting is so the South Dakota Department of Transportation (SDDOT) can present a preliminary transportation plan.

The Lincoln County Master Transportation Plan study will address a full range of transportation options and issues, including pedestrian, bicycle, transit, freight, and automobile. The purpose of the open house is to inform the public of the study’s findings and draft recommendations and to record any concerns the public may have on those findings and recommendations.

For those who cannot attend the meeting or desire additional information on the study, information will be made available online after the meeting at www.lincolncountytransportationplan.com.

The opportunity to present written comments will be provided. Written comments will be accepted until July 22.

Source: sd.gov

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