A recent picture has helped to turn a Lincoln County Deputy into an online sensation on social media.

Meet Deputy Lowell Nelson, the first person people typically see once they walk through the doors of the Lincoln County Courthouse in Canton, South Dakota.

Nelson has spent nearly the last 13 years of his life working at the courthouse.

As KSFY TV reports, one of his most memorable days on the job may have been last Friday (October 25) when Nelson performed an act of kindness caught on camera.

According to KSFY, last Friday, a young man scheduled to appear in the Lincoln County Courtroom, walked through the doors all dressed up, holding a tie. The young man was clearly nervous about having to appear in court and asked Nelson if he knew of anyone that could help him tie his tie.

Nelson told KSFY, "He was on his way to court I believe and he had a tie. He said you wouldn't happen to know anybody who could tie a tie and I thought well I think I can do it."

Jeanne Oakland, a co-worker of Nelson at the courthouse, witnessed the act of kindness and captured a picture of Lowell helping out the young man that eventually made its way over to Facebook.

Needless to say, Nelson's kind gesture has really taken off on social media. Much to his surprise.

Nelson said, "We’re showing people that we're all people too. You can do the job in law enforcement and still treat people with respect."

Nelson says he tries to interact with everyone who walks through the courthouse doors. But, more importantly, he wants people to know the job of law enforcement isn’t always about enforcing laws, writing tickets, or arresting people. Sometimes it’s about the little gestures. They can often make the biggest difference.

Source: KSFY TV

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