It seems that when almost $200,000 in assets forfeited through drug arrests is ready to be released, the South Dakota Drug Control Fund finds recipients for those proceeds.

The latest distribution from the South Dakota Attorney General’s office was announced via press release with a total tally of $188,593.10. A total of ten South Dakota Law Enforcement agencies received various awards based on need.

At the top of the list is the Aberdeen Police Department who will use $53,911.92 for a turret on the bureau’s MRAP vehicle. The smallest award will go to the Mobridge Police Department in the form of $3,000 for pistols and ipads.

The other awards are as follows:

  • Faith Police Department: $4,990 for in-car video equipment
  • Kingsbury County Sheriff’s Office: $27,298 for in-car video equipment and tasers
  • Lake County Sheriff’s Office: $13,009.75 for body worn cameras
  • Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office: $13,249 for interview recording systems
  • Roberts County Sheriff’s Office: $21,500 for a K9 kennel and laptops
  • South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation: $8,000 for meth lab protective equipment
  • Tripp (City) Police Department: $10,580 for a variety of equipment such as tasers, body worn cameras, in-car video equipment and body armor
  • Yankton County Sheriff’s Office: $33,053 for a vehicle and equipment

These latest awards come very soon after another round of disbursements that came on October 3 when $214,016 was sent to various agencies. Compare that to the prior notification that came on June 20 of this year when $195,500 got spread around.

At that the time of the June announcement the Attorney General’s Office stated a figure of requests totaling $777,485.47 of what departments wanted to supplement their agencies. As those in the drug trade are brought to justice that need will diminish.

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