May is a big month for moms in Minnesota.  Yes, Mother's Day is a day when we celebrate the person who gave us life and raised us to be the person we are today.  During those years of making bottles, creating chore charts, braiding hair, and constantly picking up shoes, Legos, and turning off lights, there seems to be a phrase that every mom claims as their favorite...or at least, they seem to say quite a bit.

38 of the Best Mom Quotes Ever From Kids in Minnesota

Every mom has that one phrase or saying that always comes out of their mouth at the perfect time. Maybe while a child is being stubborn and doesn't want to eat the vegetables on the plate. Or it could be that lovely reminder to put a coat on when it is below 20 degrees. It could even be that nice nudge to clean your room so you have more than just a path.

Moms are full of great tips, and advice, and we've heard a lot of great phrases from our the good times and the bad.

I asked kids in Minnesota to send me their favorite mom quotes...and we've got a great list!  Did your mom say any of these famous quotes?

What phrase did your mom say the most when you were growing up?

Did your mom say one of the phrases in the list or did she have another saying?  I'd love to hear about it!  Let me know over on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio.


What stresses your mom out the most while she is driving?

Maybe your mom didn't have any specific sayings that you can remember from your childhood days.  But do you remember something that stressed her out while driving?  People driving too slow, too fast, not using a blinker...look through the list and see if any wake up some memories when you were in a car, driving around with your mom.

Top 32 Things that Stress Out People While They are Driving

You hop in your car and are ready to go but then panic sets in because _______.  

There are so many answers that can go in that blank. In fact, you may have had one of those stresses just a little bit ago in your car. Look below to see some of the top things that stress people out while they are driving in Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin.
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