We had a birthday party for my daughter, Jackie, on Saturday. She's 11 years old now. She had to unwrap 22 gifts from just one of her friends. It was a wonderful prank.

The gift started off innocent enough. An average sized box wrapped up nicely. It was a Taylor Swift Lover box from Amazon. Inside was not the Taylor Swift Lover preorder set, which she opened from her mother and I later, but another wrapped box.

This box turned out to be a Pop Tart box. I briefly thought this was the gift but quickly realized we were in for more unwrapping. As it turned out, a lot more unwrapping.

Inside the Pop Tart box were twenty small and flat wrapped cards or something. They actually turned out to be one-dollar bills. Each one wrapped individually. The giver laughed mischievously as Jackie tried to deal with them all.

With time ticking on the room rental, we had her put them back in the box to be unwrapped later at home.

It wasn't the greatest prank ever played on anyone, but it is my new favorite.

Andy Erickson/Hot 104.7
Andy Erickson/Hot 104.7

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