Most gatherings on July 4th involve smoke. And where there's smoke, there's fire.

Fire seems to be the main point of 4th of July celebrations. From lighting fireworks to cooking food, the focus is on a flame.

I don't think many ovens even get looked at, let alone turned on, for the 4th of July. On this holiday of summer, we cook like men. A man can prepare a meal, if he is given a fire to do it with.

Everybody gets a little wound up when the grill gets lit. The real excitement comes when the food starts to sizzle.

Now, if you're in charge of the grilling, this is your chance to be a hero. But make sure to know what you are doing.

Don't make the big mistake most people make. And that's trying to grill too many different food items at one time.

Stay completely focused on one or two food items at a time. And remember to keep at least one third of your grill as open space.

When you crowd the grill, food gets compromised. Also remember that the best tasting food, comes off a closed grill. The more the lid is open during cooking, the lower quality of food.




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