The Dakotas Tour is a professional golf tour that is played in parts of South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, and North Dakota.  There are 17 events total during this year's tour.  One of the most anticipated events of The Dakotas Tour is the annual First Dakota Pro Am Jam.

Not only is it a weekend of friendly competition between professional and amateur golfers at the Country Club of Sioux Falls, but it's also a weekend full of live concerts. Yep! Live music!  Some of the biggest names in music perform exclusively for the players and members of the Country Club of Sioux Falls during this private event.

The 2022 First Dakota Pro Am Jam at the Country Club of Sioux Falls featured four music acts this past Friday and Saturday. Gavin DeGraw, along with Flo Rida and his friends rocked the course on Friday night. Big & Rich and Jon Pardi wrapped the weekend concert series on Saturday.

First Dakota Pro Am Jam is one of the hottest tickets to come by, and I was fortunate to attend the festivities and obtain the exclusive highlights from these electric live shows.

Check out all the wild and energetic moments from these concerts!

Gavin DeGraw opened the annual First Dakota Pro Am Jam at the Country Club of Sioux Falls with his hit song "How Lucky Can A Man Get" from 2016.

2022 First Dakota Pro Am Jam

This is one of my favorite songs from Gavin. If you hear someone singing in the video, it's probably me.

2022 First Dakota Pro Am Jam

"Chariot" was one of Gavin's first songs. It became a huge hit in 2003. The crowd was singing along with him!

There wasn't a single person who wasn't singing this song. Oh, and in the video you'll see someone trying to get Gavin's attention. I think she was loud enough that it worked.

If you're a fan of the show "One Tree Hill" or have been following Gavin since the start of his career, this song is arguably his biggest hit.

2022 First Dakota Pro Am Jam

Flo Rida opens his set in Sioux Falls with one of his first hits from 2011. It got the crowd excited for sure!

"In the Ayer" was a huge song in 2008. Intl Nephew even joined Flo Rida in the song.

2022 First Dakota Pro Am Jam

Flo Rida was pumped for this song! He even had at least two dozen roses to hand out to the ladies in the crowd. I was one of them!

Flo Rida gave multiple concert-goers the chance to experience the show up close and personal. He brought up the ladies first to join him on one of his iconic songs..."Low."

Flo Rida didn't come to the show alone. Not only did he have Intl Nephew join him, but he also brought artists Varie Fresh and Oya Baby. They definitely added excitement to the show!

No doubt everyone was trying to whistle to this song. There was so much energy throughout this entire concert! It was a great way to kick-off the weekend.

2022 First Dakota Pro Am Jam

Naturally, Big & Rich finished the show with the band's biggest hit. Singing was a must!

2022 First Dakota Pro Am Jam

Jon Pardi pulled out all the stops for his show in Sioux Falls. The crowd at the Pro Am Jam was excited to hear this 2016 tune.

Jon covered a classic song from Dwight Yoakam during his show. He really is a "honky tonk man."

You wouldn't think hard-rock and Jon Pardi go together. But works!

Jon grabbed his wife to join him on stage for a quick second. It was a sweet moment!

2022 First Dakota Pro Am Jam

Jon performed a number of encore songs including "Heartache on the Dance Floor."

This is one of Jon's biggest hits. Everyone was singing and dancing to this great tune.

The annual First Dakota Pro Am Jam was a weekend to remember! I'm already excited for next year's event!

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